Sunday, October 25, 2015

Love confectionery

It's difficult to find an old school bakery in Singapore after all the cafe scene. So i manage to walk past this school and love how old school it is. The uncle that serve me (probably also the one baking all this cakes) was about 70 years old (??). The first time i visited this shop i bought one whole sponge cake which only cost $5. I was shocked by the price. So i went home and tried it, it was so good!! The cake was very light and fluffy!!! I can't get over how soft the cake is! I alway tell my friends how i wish uncle will be my shifu! Buying the cake also depends on your luck, the cake are mostly sold out in the day. So one day i decided to go there after work and i was lucky enough that they still have some cream cake left. So i randomly pick some. The uncle was very nice to arrange nicely for me (see picture below). There's chocolate, peanut and rainbow sprinkles. What i love about the cake is how light and fluffy it is and also the sweetest is just right!

This shop is definitely a gem. Hurry! Go get your cakes fix!


HDB Bukit Merah #01-60, 122 Bukit Merah Lane 1 (S)150122, 150122

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